Teaching, if done right, can be a marvelous profession impacting people beyond anyone’s imagination. Or in the words of Henry Adams:

“Teachers affect eternity. There is no telling where their influence stops.”

On the other hand, too much interference with the students’ natural desire to learn can be a turn off. Albert Einstein put it this way:

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”

Teaching must not be an isolated endeavor, it must be embedded into the continuous search for new knowledge:

“Teaching without research is blind. Research without teaching is sterile.”


Traditionally, teachers have been delivery persons: delivering basic material to the students via lectures. Since basic material is now available in digital repositories for free, this role is no longer appropriate. The more appropriate roles are: facilitator, mentor, stimulator, provocateur, engager, and awakener.


I am offering two courses in the Fall: Computer Graphics and Software Testing.
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