Computer-Aided Design and Applications is a peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to the applications of computer-aided design and manufacturing. The journal publishes papers in traditional areas as well as in some new and emerging fields. Examples of traditional topics are geometric, solid and heterogeneous modeling, CAD data bases, data exchange and standards, collaborative, conceptual and feature based design, machining, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, and process planning and assembly design. On the emerging side, the journal is seeking contributions in fields such as bio-CAD and medi-CAD, jewel-CAD, garment-CAD, soft-CAD, CAD in the arts and creative media, evolutionary and genetic algorithms in CAD, web based CAD, CAD education, CAD engines, and human factors and interactions in CAD.


The journal is aimed at researchers, academics, developers, technical and business managers, as well as members of relevant government sectors working in or responsible for the general area of CAD/CAM. Disciplines represented include mechanical, industrial, civil, naval and aeronautical engineering, industrial design and general manufacturing, mathematics and computer science, arts and creative design, bio-medical applications, and CAD/CAM enterprises.


The journal welcomes papers in the following categories: technical papers describing new technologies and their implications in CAD applications; application papers present an application of existing techniques; survey papers provide a survey of the state-of-the art in a particular sub-domain; review papers give a brief description of current events, developments or various forms of affairs relevant to CAD technology; and show papers keep the readers up to date on important new products based on recent developments.
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