The International CAD Conference series was launched in 1974, with CAD’74, in Brighton, UK. It was resurrected in 2004 and is now held annually in different countries around the world. The conference themes support various industries, both traditional (hard) as well as emerging (soft). Hard industries include general manufacturing, industrial engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, design automation, automobiles and airplanes, defense industry, various forms of construction, architecture and building design, consumer electronics, assembly modeling, and electronic packaging. On the soft side the supported industries are: biology, general medicine, surgery, dental applications, optometry, jewelry and gemstone design, handicrafts, garment design, fashion industry, woodworking, shoe lasts, industrial design, and various forms of arts.


Traditional areas of interests include: geometric modeling, CAD data bases, virtual reality, computational geometry, feature-based modeling, numerical control, collaborative design, design computing, AI in design, tolerances, meshes, finite element analysis, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, and assembly design.


Emerging research areas include: bio-CAD, nano CAD, knowledge-guided methods, soft-CAD, biologically inspired design, product lifecycle management, product data management, data mining, garment CAD, CAD in the arts, evolutionary algorithms, CAD and the Internet, design theory, CAD education, CAD engines, and human factors in CAD.
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Dr. Les A. Piegl, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL 33620